Dudh Pokhari


In Nepali, ‘Dudh’ means ‘Milk’ while ‘Pokhari’ is ‘Pond’. Thus ‘Dudh Pokhari’ is a pond of milk. Speaking the other way, the water of this Pond is as clean and as pure as milk.


It is said that In Ancient Period, this pond literally used to hold Milk. Then One day it so happened that one Brahman was returning his way home from the feast of ‘Sraaddha’ (The feast offered in remembrance of the Deceased Ancestors) he had just taken. When he saw the Milk, due to his gluttony, he prepared the porridge using the same milk immediately after eating the feast and since then the Pond is believed to have hold Water instead of Milk.


Dudhpokhari is situated at an altitude of 4700m above sea level in between Lamjung and Gorkha.


Previously, people from Manang used to travel Tibet through this route to trade their goods in exchange for Tibetan Salt. But now the trade continues through much easier route along Marsyangsi Valley. October-November and March- April are the perfect seasons to visit Dudh Pokhari. It is regarded as one of the toughest Trekking Routes of Nepal as the trail is narrow, rocky and full of ups and downs. It can also be promoted as the new Route for Trekking to Annapurna Himal Range.

Major Attractions:-

1 Panoramic View of Manaslu Mountain, HimalChuli Mountain, Annapurna Range and Lamjung Mountain.

2 Exotic scenes of Manang Valley.

3  Local Herbs like Paanch Aule and Yarsagumba are available in the nearby areas of the pond which are sold to Processing Company on high prices.

4 Bio-Diversity:   Several species of flora and fauna inhabit the nearby woods of Dudh Pokhari.

5Great Varieties of Wild Mushroom including the Red Mushroom is available in the woods nearby the pond.

Major Festival:-

1 Raksha Bandhan:

          Also known as Janai Purnima (Janai is a sacred Thread worn by Hindus), it falls on Srawan Purnima( full Moon Day of August). Many Devotees from far and wide visit here on this auspicious day to take a Holy Bath in the Pond. It is a very firm belief among Hindus that bathing in Dudh Pokhari on this day will cleanse you off of your lifetime sins and then only the doors of Heaven will open to you in the afterlife.

How To Reach:-

There are two possible Starting Points for Dudh Pokhari. One can either start from BesiSahar of Lamjung or from Phalak Sanghu. Taking BesiSahar as the Starting Point, one has to pass through GhaleGaon, Rabrachu and Thorju including the forest covered with bamboo and Rhododendrons before reaching to Dudh Pokhari.

One can find alternative path that leads to Khuti which can be tried in the return Trip. Taking DudhPokhari as the Starting Point, one has to pass through Namun Bhanjyang, Daphe Kharka, Danaqu, Dharapani and Gharmi before finally reaching to Khudi. Buses for Kathmandu are easily available from Khudi .

Where to Stay:-

One can spend night in the Camp in DudhPokhari or lower down to Loprak Village where ‘HomeStay’ facility is available.                                                                                                                         

Places in and near Dudh pokhari:-

1 Rupina Bhanjyang: It acts as the pass to enter the Valley of Budhi Gandaki.

2 Laprak : The Gurung Village which is situated at an altitude of 2200m above sea level is made up of about 500 houses. Buddhism is the main religion followed in Laprak. The people are hospitable and rich in culture. They follow Traditional Occupation like Animal Husbandry and Agriculture to support the living.

3 Thorju: Thorju is the base camp of Dudh Pokhari is the center point of Lamjung, Manang and Kaski Districts and is claimed to be around 4,500 meters from sea level.

4 Namun Bhanjyang: It is popular for its height at which it lies. It is situated about 4500m above the sea level and thus provides clear pictures of Mountains like Manaslu and Annapurna. It is also the Center Point of Lamjung, Manang and Kaski Districts.

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