In Chepang dialect, the term ‘Dha’ refers to Jwaalaa(Volcano) while ‘Ding’ denotes ‘God’. Thus collectively the term Dhading becomes the name for Volcano Goddess- ‘Jwala Devi’. It is believed that the place was previously the mountain of Volcano. The sound of an explosion heard time and again and smoke seen escaping out of the small hole at Kyurinitar also supports the theory. The explosion sound can also be heard in yet another hill called Siddhalekh lying in Nalang of same Dhading District.


Dhading shares its border with Kathmandu, Rasuwa and Nuwakot in the East Gorkha in the West, Rasuwa and Tibet in the North and Makwanpur and Chitwan in the South. 20% of land of Dhading is covered with forest while rest are Tars( flat lands), Middle Hills and High Hills. There are altogether 50 VDCs in Dhading and each VDC is attributed 9 wards. No Municipality is present in Dhading.

Three places namely LamiDada, Dhading and Salyan has combined together to make one large Dhading District which lies at an altitude of 1367m above the sea level. It is situated in Bagmati Zone of Central Development Region. Dhading Besi is the District HeadQuarter of Dhading District.

Dhading is also popular as the abode of Marginalized Ethnic Communities like Chepang and Kumal who lags far behind other ethnic groups in terms of their socio- economic condition.

Some Statistics according to the year 2001:-

Dhading is extended in an area of 1926 sq.km. where total338658 people dwell in 62759 Houses with an Average HouseHold Size of 5.4. Total 165864 Male and 172794 female lives in Dhading. Hinduism is the main religion here as the data shows: there are 250247 Hindu, 76129 Buddhists, 625 Muslims, 33 Kirats, 18Jains, 11434 Christians, 38Sikhs; 14Bahais while120 people follow other religions.

According to Survey done in 2008, there are 593 primary schools with 2506primary school teachers where74177 students study at primary level. Likewise 22873students are taught by561 lower secondary teachers at168 lower secondary school.395 secondary teachers teach to 10333 secondary level students at 92secondary schools.

Major Attractions:-

1 Ganesh Mountain Range is located in Dhading.

2 One can have a clear picturesque view of Mount Manaslufrom Dhading although the Mountain lies within Gorkha.

3 The famous temple “Manakamana” is located near Dhading where one can enjoy the ride of Nepal’s first Cable Car.

4 The road of Dhading moves along the breath taking Trishuli River thus providing with the exquisite setting for the way.

5 BudhiGandaki River acts as the borderline in between Dhading and Gorkha and there flow other several brooks and rivers – Charaudi and Malekhu to name the few.

6 Snow Falls in VDCs of Lapa, Sertung, Tipling and Jharlang which lies at High Altitude.

People and Culture:-

Dhading is a place of mixed Culture who remains harmoniously together with respect for each other’s culture. Southern Dhading is found to have occupied mostly by Brahman and Chhetris while Tamang and Gurung inhabited in North and Newars in the Central Dhading.

Some Places to Visit while in Dhading:-

1 Dhading Besi

          Dhading Besi is the District HeadQuarter of Dhading and thus is lined up with Government offices. There is facility of Communication Services like Phone and internet here while Buses are easily available into and out of Dhading Besi. There is also facility of Market places like Bich Bazaar and Bijuli Bazaar where various products are available for shopping.

2 Nalang

Nalang lies in the lowland in between Kathmandu and Pokhara. One can have the panoramic views of Annapurna range, Ganesh Himal and Mount Manaslu from here. To reach Nalang, first of all the bus from Kathmandu is to be taken upto Dhading Bridge. Then after, either you can take another bus to Nalang or you can trek rejoicing yourself in the beautiful landscapes throughout the way.

How to Reach:-

Buses are frequently available from New Buspark or Kalanki of Kathmandu.

Where To Stay:-

Though Dhading lies near to Capital City- Kathmandu, it is remote with poor sanitation and other development structures. Small hotels are available in Dhading Besi while there are plenty of suitable places for Camping.

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