Top 10 songs by Kamal Khatri

Kamal Khatri, the prominent Nepali playback singer is perhaps known best for his song Aaatma ma Timro Aatma ma from his album Aatma Ma. Kamal Khatri has established himself as one of the best-known Pop singers in Nepal. Kamal Khatri is a house hold name in Nepal with his songs playing frequently everywhere since their release.


Kamal Khatri was born in Hetauda, Nepal on 24th November (8th Mangsir) to parents, Puskar Bahadur Gotame Khatri and Laxmi Devi Khatri. Kamal’s father works in a Bank while his mother is a housewife. He spent most of his childhood days in Sarlahi, Nepal with his siblings, three brothers and a sister. Kamal was always interested in singing and was quite good at it. His friends and family rejoiced at his melodious tunes. Kamal’s parents always supported him at all walks of life. They even persuaded him to take up a singing career when he showed interest.

Career and path

Kamal went on to attend Shree Chakra Janta Higher Secondary School. He went on to pass his School Level Certificate (SLC) and then moved to Kathmandu to unravel more opportunities and for his further studies. Kamal went on to attend Ratna Rajya College but was not interested in studying. Kamal’s interests lied in singing thus he was academically weak. With the huge potential and enthusiasm, Kamal went on to work in a studio as a technician. He was not satisfied with his work because he wanted to explore and exploit his singing talent. He thus decided to take part in Radio Nepal’s Adhunik Song Competition in 2062. Kamal then found his path and decide to act upon it.

Kamal went on to become the vocalist of Ethos Band in 2063. He was born into the Nepali music industry with the song ‘Nakkali Maiya’. The song became popular among the young people of Nepal. However, it was not a break through. Later on, Kamal went on to release his second song Sustari Sustari which became an instant hit among the audience around Nepal. He has finally come into the limelight of Pop music. His songs were frequently played on the radio and were seen in TVs. People were in love with his voice and the reliability of his song’s lyrics. Many people began relating to it. It was especially popular among the youths of Nepal. He is also known to have worked alongside singer Girish Khatiwada. Kamal, through his songs displays to the audience about the problems that he has faced in his life. Kamal has been making exceptional music till date. Even when there is a huge competition in the music industry at present in Nepal, Kamal Khatri has not disappointed his fans. He has already garnered huge success in the Nepal music scenario.


  1. Marriage: Khatri is very much focused in making music. He is not seen with many women in public. Kamal, in most of his interviews has said that he has not much interest to get married right now. He thinks that marriage is a tough decision and must be thought through.
  2. Travelling: Kamal loves traveling. He travels a lot for his song videos. He also goes on tours for his songs.
  3. About women: He finds actresses Binita Baral, Rekha Thapa and Jharana Bajracharya very attractive.
  4. Acting career: He has shown interest to act alongside actress Namrata Shrestha.
  5. Break ups: He has recently broken up with his girlfriend and is finding it bitter.

Top 10 Songs by Kamal Khatri :kk

  1. Nakkali Maya: Nakkali Maya is mostly famous forbeing Kamal Khatri’s first song. Kamal has an emotional attachment with this song. The song is from the album, Aashma. The video was released by SAV. The production was done by Rupesh Sen and NR Studio. The music video was edited by Debesh Bhuju and directed by Pranab Joshi. The song marks the making of a renowned and talented artist.
  2. Sustari Sustari: Sustari was released on 28th June 2010.This was the song that raised Kamal Khatri to the limelight. He is very proud of this song and often includes it as his biggest achievement in various interviews. The song is from Ethos Band’s album PRASTAV. It features singer Shreya Sotang. The song was released by Reeyaz Music. The music video features actors Shristi and Gajit. It was choreographed by Gamvir Bista and edited by Subash Aryal. The video was directed by Suraj Singh Thakuri. The music video has many views. It was often played in radio shows. The song is recognized by most of the Nepali population. It was one of Kamla’s most successful songs with Ethos Band. It is regarded as one of the most popular Nepali pop song of 2010.
  3. Bachne Aasha Ma: Bachney Aasha Ma is another hit by Kamal Khatri. It was released on 5th October 2011. The song features actor Bishow Sharma. The song is from Kamla’s album titled Pida. The music video was directed by BibhorPokhreal and was released by The Rebel Creation. It has been famous like any other song of Kamal Khatri.
  4. Aatma Ma Timro Aatma Ma: Aaatma Ma Timro Aatma Ma was released on 6th September 2012 with his album Aatma Ma. Kamal Khatri and Babit are on the vocals featuring Bishow Sharma, Namita and Jyoti. It has been one of the most renowned pop songs in Nepal. Till date its video has been viewed 23 lakh times in Youtube. The song is known among both the adult and young audience in Nepal. The song has become an instant hit among Nepali music lovers.
  5. Tukreko Mutu: Tukreko Mutu was released on 13th October 2013. It is the second part of the song Aatma ma. It is the first song of the album Atma ma 2. The music video is directed by Bipop Upreti and Candace Bernard. The cinematography is done by Korey Clark, Gaurav Man Serchan and Solitaire, while the editing is done by Mokshya. The artists that will be featured are Bishow Sharma and Namita Bhusal.
  6. Timi Chau ra ta: Timi Chau ra ta was released on 12th May 2013. It remains to be a favorite among the Nepali youth audience for its reliability. The official music video has not been released till date. Aakanshya Bashyal and Khatri are the vocalists.
  7. Tasbir: Tasbir was released on 15th August 2014. Tasbir in Nepali language means photograph. The lyrics is written by Avishek Nagarkoti. The artist in the video is Bishow Sharma, Barsha and Ayusha. It was directed by Bibhor Pokhrel. The music video was released by The Rebel Creation entertainment.
  8. Timrai Barema: Timrai Barema was released on 3rd April 2015. It is the first song on the album PEMA. The lyrics were written by Pema Lama. The video was released by Vibes Digital Nepal.
  9. Timrai Mayalay: Kamal Khatri is on the main vocals wile Roshan Lama is on the rap. The lyrics has been written by Tulram Lama and the studio work is done by Suman Tamang NMI. The video was directed by Bibhor Pokhrel and The Bispa. The song was regarded as one of the best Nepali pop song in 2015.
  10. Ma Geet Hu Timro: Ma Geet Hu timro was released on 11th Jul 2016. Kamal Khatri and Simpal are on the vocals. Nirmal Neupane is the production manager of the music video. The music video was directed and edited by Jeevan Thapa. The song has also become very popular. It is one of the most popular romantic Nepali pop song in 2016.kk2

Kamal Khatri has stood out to be one of the most sensational pop artists of Nepal. His likability among the Nepali public speaks heaps about his melodious voice and exceptional music. We hope to see more of Kamal Khatri in the years to come. He has hugely contributed to the pop music industry of Nepal. Kamal Khatri’s songs can be cherished by the media through his various concerts nationally and internationally. All of the above songs can easily be found on Youtube. More information about the very talented and re  nowned, Kamal Khatri’s biography can be found on various social media sites like Wikipedia, Twitter and more.kk3

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