10 Locations that will make you feel like in fantasy

One of the elements drawing us deeply into the fantasy worlds are marvelous and wondrous locations described below. While most fantasy and fairytale lands originate purely in our imagination, there are still some places on Earth that will make everyone feel like in a mystical world. From totally natural wonders to astonishing fantasy-inspired human-made sights.

Here we got 10 locations from yesdates.com that look like from the fantasy world.

  1. Mont Saint-Michel, France

Mont Saint-Michel, which in fact is an island fortress, is perhaps one of the most recognized sites in France along with its history full of epic battles. When the tide is low, you can actually make it to the isle, but when the high tide rises, it is made an almost impenetrable stronghold. Less than 50 people live there now, coupled with the castle’s centuries of glory, which makes it an ideal place to seek for an inspiration.

  1. Salt Flats, Bolivia

Formed by the Andes Mountains, the Salt Flats make a fully natural landscape that stretches out for nearly 4,000 miles wide. You may say the life on the land made mostly of salt is just impossible, still there are those who greatly benefit of it. The huge salt blocks are traditionally used there to construct homes, hotels and even pieces of furniture. This place is pure inspiration, waiting for those who still believe in fairytales!

  1. Hallerbos Forest, Belgium

Muffled in a blanket of thousands of bluebell flowers, the Hallerbos Forest calls an image of that faerie stomping ground you can only see in dreams. Just imagine falling into a deep sleep in those fragrant fields and being awakened by the sound of a colorful fairy festival. We think spending time in this forest would make you a real fantasy-life traveling experience.

  1. The Goblin Forest, New Zealand

Whoever gave such name to this forest definitely did not mince words. The natural canopy of stumpy trees covers the sky it is trying to touch the lights and the plush green grass makes a perfect soft carpet to step on. This is the place you would wish to start your quest for the Ring or to meet some forest elves. Something just blinked past your eyes? Maybe it was a greedy goblin carrying his pot of gold, sneaking from a stranger’s glance? Either way, be careful to not to get lost in the bush!

  1. Marble Caves, Chile

Upon first sight, it is quite hard to believe that a place like that can exist in the real life. Well, upon second and third sights as well! This system of numerous caves with their eerily wonderful blue glow has nestled right on the glacial lake and all the passages were carved by waves and streams making their way through the solid marble. The caves aren’t easy to access though, making it possible to get there only by boat.

  1. Fingal’s Cave, Scotland

Isolated island? Check. Mystical echoes? Check. All-natural wonder? Check! The Fingal’s Cave has inspired and still inspires many poets and artists. An enthralling natural formation can surely boast a stair-like appearance, and, when filled with water, it creates an enchanting chamber effect. Can mermaids live there? Why not!

  1. Caño Cristales River, Colombia

This Colombian body of water certainly looks like from other world! The rainforest river gets its vibrant colors thanks to the flowering riverweed. The waters host many species of aquatic plants, yet are entirely devoid of any fish. That’s exactly why the river presents a pristine and fascinating image we used to picture in our minds when listening to fantasy stories. Besides, would you like to swim in the rainbow? Visiting Colombia you’ll definitely have such a chance.

  1. United Artists Theater, Detroit, Michigan

There is some haunting beauty to those structures left completely abandoned. Detroit is filled with many antique buildings, but none of them is as charming as the town’s former UAT. Long years of abandonment gave the theater that unique dystopian fantasy feel together with its crumbling façade and incredibly tall columns. While the city of Detroit actively revives itself, this picturesque place still remains untouched.

  1. Casa Batlló, Barcelona, Spain

If Salvador Dali was proposed to create a breathtakingly looking building, it would certainly have the appearance of Casa Batlló. Designed by Antonio Gaudi, the structure comes with almost skeletal façade and an arching roof, giving every reason to be like a fantasy dragon. The entire building feels alive, like it is ready to start moving. Does it sound enough fantasy to you?

  1. Longji Rice Terraces, China

Longji, which can be translated as the Dragon’s Backbone, are gorgeous man-made terraces carved into the countryside. Constructed nearly 700 years ago, the Longji Terraces tell a stunning story of their own. Their colors change depending on the season, as water floods in to irrigate the rice. Hop in the helo to take a glance at this beauty from above!

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